The times they are a chang'n: but not so much...

We, here at code-it, realize that most folks now-a-days have more or less abandoned their PC's for a SmartPhone; therefore, Windows PC software use is declining. But what about productive work that you need to perform from time to time?

Laptops (and desktops) are also still necessary, providing a powerful mouse-and-keyboard interface with multiple windows and multitasking. For productivity use a SmartPhone is just too small and much clunkier to use than a standard PC: thus the need for quality software to perform real computer work.

Here's 3 of code-its' most popular software titles for your consideration: the download links and terms of "sale" are displayed on the softwares' product page:

All Things Audio:  an array of audio tools all packed up into one suite.

So, if you're a Windows user and  looking for 'audio type software' - we have you covered. Offering "All Things Audio" - an array of audio tools all wrapped up into one app.

Mind-Coder: the subliminal message player and recorder.

Some very impressive results can be achieved with our 'Mind Coder' software technology: it actually re-programs the subconscious mind, which in turn dictates our realities.

DTs Picture Thing: organize all of your cell phone pixs!

Export and organize (by copying and renaming in batch mode) all those pictures you've taken with your SmartPhone camera. Why not do something with all those pixs instead of just letting them rest of your cell risking permanent lose?

Windows Software on CD: you might also want to check out this page?

Here's what you can expect: the truth of things...

For all our software to be free of any virus, malware, spyware or any intrusive code.

All our Windows software is offered as "Pay What You Want or Nothing at All".  It's more or less an experiment with  marketing  that's goal is to make it easy for you ;-)  

The download links and terms of "sale" are displayed on the softwares' product page.

All version updates at "no cost" for the life of the software.

All software digitally signed via MD5 hash technology: used as a checksum to verify data integrity.

Fast, personal support directly from the guy that wrote the code.

Pay What You Want...

Please leave a 'note' on the donate page what software title you are registering.


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