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  There are so many Linux "Distros" (tech speak for versions) how do I just get started instead of spending weeks experimenting with them all?

Linux = Freedom. Unlike Windows, that you have to get a "one size fits all" version, one of the many attributes of Linux is choice! 

There are 100's of versions and most all claim to be the best - this is only natural? If you spent years developing a Distro you'd most likely think it was the best too;-) You really have to thank these developers for their dedication. 

The only real way to decide what Distro is best for you is to download the ISO, burm the image to DVD then try it out via a live boot (see the "Live CD" page)  BUT WAT! This is just one of the reasons that I've gone to the work and time to develop this web site - to give you my advise that has been derived from experience, without bias or tech talk.

So..what about it?

For those that are  security minded :

Tails OS" - this is a very useful recovery and forensic type OS - offers the TOR web browser.

For those that are very tech minded:

 RipLinuX" - you can download it here - this is a very advanced recovery and forensic type OS - BUT not for the average bear - it's complicated but IMHO is well worth learning use.

For all  IT folks, hackers, tweakers and really most everyone interested in recovery and forensics: 

INMHO - the very first  live CD disk or bootable thumb drive  you'll want is "Hirens Live CD  -  don't be without it!

For the rest of us folks:

Linux Mint Cinnamon" or "Linux Mint MATE" : IMHO these are the very best of the best along with "Fedora Linux" 

Ubuntu Linux  or  Slitaz Linux would be a good choice if you have an older computer.

IIf you find that neither of these versions work for you (i.e. no sound, printer does not work, monitor resolution bad, or what ever)  navigate to and spend some time trying any other Live Linux CD's. 

Hack'n the Linux - mikeB

This site does NOT use Google or any other Site Analyer to capture or track your data. 

We respect your PRIVACY & FREEDOM.

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