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  These set of pages are devoted to helping folks transform from being a Windows user to the World of Linux. The information, on this site, is not intended for the advanced Linux guru, nor the person that needs to use Windows for one reason or another, but rather for the rest of us folks. All content is spoken/ written in PLAIN English - no tech speak here!

Intended audience may include:

  • kids (from 10 year olds to us old geezers)  that want to learn very basic Linux usage.
  • folks that want to get on the "fast track" to installing, configuring and using Linux - I'll save you probably 10's of hours of frustration with the learning curve. Keeping it simple with plain speak.   
  • anyone that wants to learn new things and keep their mind active - maybe you're afraid of change (I know the feeling)? I'll help you smash that fear! 
  • those that want to learn simple BASH script programming as well as Terminal functions.
  • any of you that is concerned about computer data security (if you're not you should be!). We'll be "talking" a LOT about this subject in the near future.

Yep.. I know, it's kind of a scary proposition! I've been developing Windows software for over 20 years and you'd think it would be easy for me. It wasn't by any means, thus; the reason for these pages - to help you get started by reveling my real and recent personal experience - the joys as well as the frustrations. The goal is to make it easier for you.

So, you might be thinking.. "Why did you, and why do you think I might want to switch from an operating system that I'm familiar with to one that I know nothing about?

I could give you dozens of reasons, and I do on one of the resources pages, but for me to make this hard decision was due to all of Microsofts nonsense starting with Windows 8 then expanding with Windows 10. IMHO, Wins 10  is nothing more  then a piece of spyware that tracks everything you do then uses it for THEIR gain: it's a concept that is destroying trust and most importantly - our freedom. It's YOUR computer and iNet connection - that YOU spent hard earned money for - for MS to use you as a "product" should  not be part of the deal?  And, oh yah - what about all those viruses going around and the cost of maintaining an Anti-Virus app that causes you more problems then any other software on your system? 

 I'm not here to convince you to do anything but merely to help you make the change to Linux if it's your decision to keep your freedom ;-) The times they are a chang'n - so it might be the right time to saddle up and join me for the ride?


Hack'n the Linux - mikeB

This site does NOT use Google or any other Site Analyer to capture or track your data. 

We respect your PRIVACY & FREEDOM.

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