By using any of these services, or registering any of our software, you are contributing to our mission which is to use what skills we have to be of help to you. You have our deepest appreciation!  

<<< send your quest here. Offering customization, of any of our software, for a small one-time fee. Sometimes even at no cost - depending on the complexity. No software that we download, and use, fits all our personal needs no matter how hard the developer tries to make it that way. We all wish that "this would be like that" or "if only it had this feature". MAKE IT YOUR WAY with customization! 

<<< send your quest here. With GNU/Linux software you are entitled to the source code so that you can modify it yourself. The only problem with that is that not all folks would have a clue what to do with it - they are users not computer programmers. Maybe you don't have the time or there's another reason it's hard for you to modify the software. No problem - we'll do it for you for a very small fee (sometimes at no cost depending on the complexity).

<<< send your quest here. Also will develop YOUR idea (or re-brand one of our apps) into your exclusive title - either Linux or Windows - if feel our small team has the expertise to do so. One time, low programming fee - license to do with your software whatever you want.

<<< click here. What's up with "The Code-it Posse"? 

By joining up with the Posse you'll get benefits like nothing you've ever seen offered anywhere - anytime. If you're into possibly being a part of software development and/ or  like getting a lot "bang for your buck" you might want to consider saddling up and ride'n with us - so to speak.

Windows Software <<< click here. Our popular Windows "All Things Audio" software has been recently revised to conform to Microsoft Verification Standards after reviewing and updating 1,000s of lines of code. This makes the softwares' life extended till approx. 2025 unless Microsoft does something weird. We'll continue supporting our Windows software offerings as long as there is a need. 

Music is enjoyed and very important to most of us: having the tools, that "All Things Audio" and "Mind-Coder" offers can be used to acquire, manage, record, mix, edit, play and enhance your listening enjoyment. 

Linux Software <<< click here. On the Linux software development front - have developed and released several new GNU/ Linux apps in the last months or so. These apps are intended for the new Linux user that still might prefer GUI type software.

Linux Software <<< click here. Have published some content explaining how to make the big switch from Windows to Linux - for those that want to explore this option and may want some guidance from someone who has been there/ done that recently.