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You may of noticed, that on this site, I keep things down to a minimum as far as explanation and marketing "speak" about our software - generally, I let the software talk for itself. BUT, I think that these two software apps may need a little explaining. Some folks may think this is just "snake oil - fuzzy new-age stuff" but from personal experience I know it works for me - so, just maybe it will for you too! So here goes... 

This software creates and sets suggestive phrases as your desktop wallpaper. Here is an example of the "wallpaper" that I have created and set on my development PC desktop (click to enlarge) >>>

my-wallpaper.png (86632 bytes)

If you will notice it is just a KISS (simple) display so that I don't have some complicated "picture" that tends to distract me while working on my PC - but it does display a simple "autosuggestion" that is 'right in my face' every minute.

Autosuggestions are positive words and sentences used (or viewed or heard) repeatedly to change your perception. It is a self-development method used to create new, positive beliefs about yourself as well as an effective method for ending bad habits. Autosuggestion works by placing ideas into your subconscious and making it believe they are true.

Identify the things you want to change. Decide what personality traits you want. Identify the bad habits you want to get rid of. Determine the obstacles you want to overcome. Choose something that you really desire. Make sure it is consistent with your other goals, specific and detailed, not harmful to others, and is challenging but realistic.

Choose something believable. Make sure the autosuggestion is believable to yourself. If you don’t believe it, then it will not work. For example, instead of saying “I make $100,000 per year,” say “I choose to earn $100, 000 per year.”

Use emotions. In order for an autosuggestion to work, it must trigger feelings. The more meaningful the the autosuggestion is to you, the more effective it is.

Use the first person. The autosuggestions are for you and no one else. Don’t make your autosuggestions based on what you want other people to be or how they think you should be. Make the autosuggestion what you want to be.

Be positive. Autosuggestions are more effective when paired with positive thinking. Using positive statements also keep you motivated to accomplish your goals.
  • Avoid negativity. Avoid using negative phrases such as “I cannot,” “I will not,” or “I do not want.” For example use “I am brave,” instead of “I am not afraid.”
Avoid creating a time limit. This can cause stress, which will interfere with your meditations and goals.

  • Tachys Teacher : an app to help you learn most anything via repetition or flashed subliminal messages. 

This more or less accomplishes the same goals as "Auto-Suggestion Power" described above. The difference is that it "flashes" your message on the desktop (option to have it spoken also) instead of it being stationary.

Tips and Tricks:

You just need to remember to use short message phrases in "the first person" (i.e. "I am a positive thinker" instead of "You are a positive thinker.").

Below are some sample scripts that demonstrate how to create your suggestive or subliminal message:

Script Used to Create a "Lose Weight" message: use one phrase or several at a time.
I can lose weight
I am losing weight
I am slim
I am losing weight naturally
I will always be slim now
I am always a slim, consistent weight
Every day I get thinner
Each day I lose weight
I always eat healthily
I will stay slim forever
I only eat healthy food
I have the willpower to lose weight
I am determined to succeed
I will achieve my weight loss target
I am motivated to lose weight
Losing weight is easy
I enjoy the weight loss process
My metabolism is increasing
I burn calories quickly
I enjoy eating healthy food
I eat a healthy diet
Getting slim is easy
People love my slimmer body
I love losing weight
I love my slim body
I take care of my body

Script Used to Create a "Improve Creativity" message: use one phrase or several at a time.
I am extremely creative
New ideas come easily to me
My imagination is limitless
My creativity is limitless
Ideas flow freely into my mind
I am always creating exciting ideas
I always have new creative ideas
My creative potential is limitless
I overflow with imagination and creativity
New ideas come naturally to me
I am always open to new ideas
My mind is always engaged creatively
I always think in a creative way in life
I bring my ideas to life
My creativity increases every day

You might also like to check out our "Mind-Coder" software as it follows this technology except delivers your subliminal message embedded within an audio file while playing. 

If you have any questions, comments or support issues - please feel free to contact the developer (the guy that actually wrote the code) for a fast, personalized reply -