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By joining up with the Posse you'll get benefits like nothing you've ever seen offered anywhere - anytime. If you're into possibly being a part of software development and/ or just like getting a lot "bang for your buck" you might want to consider saddling up and ride'n with us - so to speak.

You'll get most any software, we've ever developed, for absolutely NO COST - you need only to request a download link and/ or registration key-code. Quite a lot of this software is not even published/ offered to the general public >>> check out these exclusive apps here...

You'll get any of our software customized, to your specs, if we find your request reasonable and feasible - at NO COST.

You'll get a NO COST subscription to our audio sharing site <  > as a benefit. Some restrictions apply (but not many;-) THIS SERVICE IS PRESENTLY NOT AVAILABLE - REWORKING THE WEB SITE.

Upon request - we'll send you a CD or DVD with any/all new or revised/ upgraded software for only $9.95 - a $10.00 discount from what's offered to the public. Put all our popular apps on one CD if you prefer - this can be used in rebuilding PCs without the hassle of finding a download link then taking the time to download - use to archive the software. Get with me for a discounted payment link.

For a $4.95 fee (a $5.00 discount from what's offered to the public) - we'll send you full instructions and a data recovery CD - we call it "Windows Data Insurance". Have it "at the ready" in case your Windows system crashes! Get with me for a discounted payment link.

You'll get PREMIUM support - ask me anything about software or computing (Windows or Linux) - if I can answer your query with any expertise - you''ll receive a fast, personal  and plain English speak answer. If I can't find a suitable answer (to your query) I won't BS you to save face from not knowing. 

If you have a need to have any of our software re-branded - we'll work closely with you to make it happen for a 50% discounted, one time, programming fee or sometimes at no cost (depending on the complexity of revisions needed). Same goes for any new software development you may find a need for.

All the source code for our Windows (not offered to the general public) and Linux software is available at No Cost upon request; however, if you are new to programming (or are just curious and want to learn from the code) that's not going to help you much - it will need some explaining;-) It's beyond the "scope of things" to actually teach you programming skills but I'll sure try to guide you on the right path (as I know it). Will help in any way I can to further your skills.

Be added to our exclusive "Posse" newsletter mailing list -  where we get into discussing subjects of interest.

We're always looking for any new benefit(s) we can offer the Posse - please advise if you might think of any?

Buy a Lifetime Membership for a one time fee of only $29.95


Our "Code-it Posse" white 100% cotton t-shirt - just $21.50 + $3.00 Shipping and Handling. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery (via US Postal Service).




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