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   Terminal Ninja BootCamp - released May, 15 2018

This software was programmed using "Gambas3  v3.11.2" .

If you're anything like me - you've found that it's a trill to see how quick and easy it is to use the Bash Terminal that is standard issue on most all Linux distros. The only problem for me (being a fairly new user of Linux) is that I can't remember the commands;-(

Well... this is my solution to having them very handy at all times so I'll be able to use them instead of wasting time firing up some GUI that just complicates the matter. This software lists most all of the standard Linux terminal commands and it even comes with a simple editor (to log your own odd ball commands) and get this = a FULL BLOWN BASH TERMINAL so you can do all your computing from this app ;-) 

When activated (it is advised that you put this app in your startup configuration) it displays a *medium side icon of the desktop. Put the focus on it and use the "s" key to show the command listings, the arrow keys to move it where you want on the desktop and the ESC key to quit. 



Screen Shot1   Screen Shot2   Screen Shot3   Screen Shot4   Screen Shot5

Full source code upon request -

Install and compatibility info:

652bcbccd9d55684955a86cbdb29ef32 = the MD5 hash for terminal-ninja-bootcamp_v1.0.2.deb

If you want to check to verify that the setup file you have downloaded has not been tampered with: after downloading the file -  type "md5sum thefilename.deb"  ("thefilename.deb" needs to be the complete path and name of the file) in the Linux Terminal. If it returns the same value as I have given you then you're good to go - otherwise please request assistance from

VERY IMPORTANT: before installing this app you will need to install Gambas Runtime  v11 files - most systems will not have these very new files installed yet. You'll only need to do this once! More info here...

This setup is compatible to install on "Linux Mint", "Debian" and "Ubuntu"  systems - it is a "deb" file.

You should be able to download it then merely double click on the file to activate the installation (just like Windows exe setup files).

This setup will/ should detect if there are any supporting files that need to be installed and will do so if allowed by you. More then likely there will not be any supporting files you'll need.

Will put the startup icon within your app menu under the heading "Education".

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