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DTs Picture Thing:  organize all those pictures you've taken on your cell phone.

On-Line help...

Transferring files from your smart phone to a PC:

Most new computers will automatically detect the phone as a hard drive when connected to the computer. This is an easy method (to transfer your pictures)  that simply involves plugging the phone into the computer through the USB cable and the computer will do the rest, opening a pop-up screen asking what you would like to do next. There will be an option titled "Copy pictures to a folder on My Computer," which will walk you through the process of saving all of your pictures into a folder on the hard drive. If this option is not presented - just navigate to the "Picture" folder on your cell - copy all the files then paste them into a folder of your PC or Flash Drive.

IMHO - it is best to create a new folder to accept and possibly archive your photo group.

The software interface (GUI) is really quite self explanatory:

Results (selected "prefix" as renaming option):

  • load up what picture files you want to deal with - either by "Add File(s)" or "Add Folder" options/ buttons.

  • check the files you want to rename (or click the "Check All" button) - this will determine what files will be renamed.

    • TIP: either click the file name or search them by using the up and down arrow keys to determine what files you want to add to your 'picture group': the a thumb nail shot will be displayed in the picture box.

  • Input a name the you want assigned to the picture group (i.e. Vaction_2017, Xmas_2017, etc...)

  • select where to add the "picture number" (prefix or suffix) - see the above image of results.

  • select to rewrite the original file or copy then place in a target folder. 

    • IMHO - i would always copy the files - at least till I was sure every thing went as planed ;-) then delete off the cell phone to save storage space for the next batch.

  • click the "Rename Check File(s)"  button and be amazed at how fast your renaming project gets done.

  • TIP: there are lots of ways you can refine the re-naming process - use you imagination!

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