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Version History - All Things Audio...

All Things Audio v.tfc1" was released to the pubic on April 24, 2017


All Things Audio v.tfc2" was released to the pubic on May 08, 2017

  • Smashed several small bugs - mainly to do with the screen size of certain apps.


All Things Audio vtfc.3" was released to the public July 20, 2017 

  • revision was only to the splash screen - if you registered vtfc.2 there is NO need to upgrade..


All Things Audio v.tfc4" is being  released to the pubic on October 19, 2017

  • This is a MAJOR revision! I encourage every one that has any of the older versions to upgrade ASAP. 
  • All the software apps have recently (v.tfc4) been re-coded to reflect "Microsoft Certification Standards". This was a massive project reviewing and changing if needed, 10s of thousands of lines of code - but it assures that we're not doing something that is not an accepted programming practice.
  • Have added  a couple handy audio apps and deleted "aPlayer" due to a user having problems with it displaying properly.
  • Revised "Audio Magicked", "CD Player" and "CD Ripper" to oblige a users request that made sense. Yep.. I do listen to you;-)
  • No writing to the Wins Registry, root or other misc. places - much cleaner code.
  • Added code so that the main screen (the menu) "remembers" where it is suppose to go (on the monitor screen). 
  • Added a "Menu Manager" so that you can select only the apps you want - eliminates what you might consider "clutter".
  • Put a ton of help pages and video tutorials on the site - it is linked from the software. Want to take a look-see? Here you go...
  • If you are a member of  "The Code-it Posse" or a registered user of any past version - please request an unlock key-code to register this version (it requires a different code then past versions). Registering gets rid of the entry and exit splash screens.


All Things Audio v.tfc5" is being  released to the pubic on December 10, 2017

  • not really enough to go to the trouble to upgrade from v.tfc4 unless you just want to have the latest and greatest - a few very minor issues fixed. 


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