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It's very seldom that you download and use a software app that 100% fits your personal needs or preferences. We all wish "this would be like that or if only it did this..." no matter how hard the developer worked to make the software to be "just right". 

This is where "Code-it Software" stands out from the rest: 

  • We offer a service that is unmatched by *other software developers - that being low cost customization of any of our/ your software.

  • Customization can be as simple as eliminating a splash screen, changing the color or font of the software GUI, etc... 

  • Could also be as complicated as adding a function, specialized tool or attribute that you think would make the app more complete, offering other then English as the language used within the app, or most anything else that you desire (if we find it feasible to do so).

  • Lots of our featured PC software is offered at NO COST so the small customization fee is merely paying for our extra work to make the software be "YOUR WAY". A sure win-win.

  • Customization fee will vary depending on the complexity of the re-programming task BUT be assured that it will be VERY LOW (as low as just $5.95 - or sometimes completed even at No Cost as a "PR thing") OR join "The Code-it Posse" and get this service at no-cost as a benefit!

  • Get with to start or "brain storm" your project.

* You might be thinking "Well.. why don't they just make/ offer their software as Open Source?"

  • One of the main reasons that "Open Source Software" has gained its popularity recently: you can download the source code and modify it as you wish. The idea is GREAT but the big problem with this is how many of you normal folks have the education and ability to modify the code then recompile it? How many of you want to take the time to do it? I suspect very few.

  • Most all our software uses 3rd party SDK (software development kits) or supporting .dll files that has cost us 1,000s of dollars to license and use. We do so following the rule "why re-invent the wheel if others have all ready done it". It would be illegal for us to include these files as 'open source' cuz they are not.

  • This is where our "customization service" shines! We do the work so that you don't have to (if we find we have the expertise to do so). 

If you have any questions, comments or support issues - please feel free to contact the developer (the guy that actually wrote the code) for a fast, personalized reply -