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  Just some of the apps I would recommend...

Compatible with Linux...

GUFW Firewall - very simple to use firewall that you may have installed and turned on by default or not. Just type in "gufw" in the terminal to either install and configure or just turn on so you are protected. It runs in the background will no headaches - just remember to activate it and check the log every now and then, So easy to install and setup that even I can do it;-)

eSpeak - a text 2 speech engine that has many options. Can be used with the command line, BASH scripts or activated within any programming lanuage.

Fortune - a fun fortune teller or quote of the day thingy. Use via the command line or within BASH scripts.

Apps that generally can be installed via the Linux Software Manager:

BlueFish Editor, Brasero, ClipGrab, gFTP, GIMP Image Editor, KWrite, Libe Office Suite, Record My Desktop, Simple Scan and WireShark. Many others that you can easily install/ uninstall to see if you like.

Compatible with Windows and Linux ..

ClipGrab -  is a free downloader and converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and many other online video sites. This is one of my favs;-) It converts downloaded videos to MPEG4, MP3 or other formats in just one easy step.

Wire Shark -  the world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer. It lets you see what’s happening on your network (or computer) at a microscopic level: is the de facto standard across many commercial and non-profit enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions.

OpenOffice - the leading open source office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, presentations and more. MS Office ain't got nothing on this free office suite of software!

Audacity - a free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. The interface is translated into many languages. NOTE: it really pains me to recommend this software cuz I've been competing with it for years - but fair is fair;-( I use it on my Linux systems.

MP3GAIN - analyzes and losslessly adjusts mp3 files to a specified target volume.
It does not simply do peak amplitude normalization. Instead, it performs statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear.

uNetbootin - tool to create live bootable USB thumb drives. They offer a Windows and Linux version.

Hack'n the Linux - mikeB

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