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Name that Tune : remember the old TV show "Name that Tune" - you'll most likely have a lot of fun playing this game/ software that's patterned to mimic the show.

Name That Tune v2.7 more info... 

The opening screen puts out a welcome audio message and guides you to "Configure New Contest".

Select one or two players, enter their names, select their gender, either add audio files or load a play-list as the tunes that will be played during the contest. When we're ready to start the contest - click the "Start" button - the contest will begin (after clicking the "Start The Contest" button/ label on the main screen!

Now what? The tunes (your play-list) will play one by one for 30 seconds. When a contestant wants to "name that tune" they either use the hotkey ("< " for the contestant represented on the left and ">" for the person on the right. Clicking the "Bell image" will also do the same thing which is to display a small screen to enter in the tune name - if correct gives the user one point - if not then just continues on playing the tune to give you another shot. 

Play the contest as long as you want - when you get tired of it - click the "Stop the Contest" button/ label to end the contest.


  • the name of the tune you add to your play-list should only be the song name (i.e. Hound Dog .mp3 instead of 'Elvis - Hound Dog.mp3) cuz this will make it much easier for the players to name the tune.
  • it would be advisable to have 20 to 30 tunes in your list: the software player uses the "shuttle" feature so a file may play more then once during a session. Don't worry about the duration of the files - the software handles the 30 second play via a timer.
  • the app screen must have "the focus" for the hot keys to work.
  • if you want to display the tune name that is playing - click on the "wave" display. Click again to make it invisible.
  • this software is described as "the 60s edition": the only reason being that it displays images (representing the players) dressed in 60s type style. You can play any genre music you want.
  • it's best, or rather much easier, to load a 'play-list' of tunes selected for your contest. We have a 'play-list' maker that allows you to easily make play-lists if you might want it: download (and use freely) from here...
  • this software can easily be customized (i.e. 'the Celtic edition', 'the Country edition', 'the Hip Hop edition'. etc. The customized version could have the images changed to your liking, etc...

If you have any questions, comments or support issues - please feel free to contact the developer (the guy that actually wrote the code) for a fast, personalized reply -