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What's up with "The Code-it Posse"? 

By joining up with the Posse you'll get benefits like nothing you've ever seen offered in this world. If you're into possibly being a part of our software development team and/ or  just like getting a lot of  "bang for your buck" you might want to consider saddling up and ride'n with us - so to speak.

Windows Software Our popular Windows "All Things Audio" software has been recently revised to conform to Microsoft Verification Standards after reviewing and updating 1,000s of lines of code. This makes the softwares' life extended till approx. 2025 unless Microsoft does something weird. We'll continue supporting our Windows software offerings as long as there is a need. 

Music is enjoyed and very important to most of us: having the tools, that "All Things Audio" and "Mind-Coder" offers can be used to acquire, manage, record, mix, edit, play and enhance your listening enjoyment. 

Linux Software On the Linux software development front - have developed and released several new GNU/ Linux apps in the last months or so. These apps are intended for the new Linux user that still might prefer GUI type software.

Also have published some content explaining how to make the big switch from Windows to Linux - for those that want to explore this option and may want some guidance from someone who has been there/ done that recently.

CD Gallery we offer an array of useful software applications, on CD, for a small fee. Some of these are software apps, some are used for security, forensic and system recovery purposes and others are low cost Operating Systems. Use to archive the software instead of having to hunt for a download link to install on any of your systems or recover data even run a virus scan, or backup data without having to install any software (i.e. a 'Live CD').

Every mouth we offer a different , small array of "Audio eBooks on DVD",  for your enjoyment and education of the classics. Don't be void of knowing the classic books that have been so important to us for many reasons. GREAT for kids that aren't taught these in school or old geezers like me - to relearn the valuable lessons that most of them teach.

Glider icon  What the heck are we presently up to here at 'Code-it'? 

In the quest to get a clearer picture of our future - we're knee deep into learning the ins and outs of the GNU/ Linux movement - learning several new programming languages and working on developing GNU/ Linux apps to get a "feel" of things. We are also work'n on providing first hand information for the user that is considering the "big switch" (Windows to Linux). Supporting the GNU/ Linux movement towards FREEDOM OF COMPUTING and ETHICAL HACKING has become very appealing. 

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