Code-it Software Solutions          
a no nonsense Wyoming, U.S.A enterprise since 1997


Here you will find Windows and Linux software to do real work in a fun way: all developed, by code-it, under the K.I.S.S. concept. See how our software, policies and support stand out from the rest.

Here’s a few factors that apply...

  • All Windows software is distributed as “Pay What You Want". Linux software is of course GNU/Linux “open source” as it should be.

  • All version revisions (updates) are offered at 100% No Cost for the life of the software.

  • All of our software is guaranteed to be 100% FREE of any virus, malware, trojans or intrusive code. No data tracking or anything of that sort.

    • How to easily check out the above statement for truth - download the software then go to VirusTotal to have the file scanned by over 60 different AV software apps (all on-line).

    • Disclaimer: certain AV software apps have reportedly flagged some of our Windows software with ‘alerts’ - they have all been proven to be “false positive” results.

    • Another Disclaimer: since we do not offer our software via the new "Windows Store" and we're not one of the "big boys" (i.e. Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, etc.) you may run into your browser or OS advising that we are an "un-trusted source". Go figure - in over 20 years we have NEVER distributed software that contained a virus or anything of that sort.  

  • We offer customization of any of our software for a very low programming fee. We all wish that most any software did this or that differently – have it be YOUR WAY!

  • Our biz has recently expanded to offering Live CDs to try out or install several of the most popular Linux Distros. Also offering Live CDs to clone a hard drive, backup data, do a virus scan and computer forensic type functions – all from a 'Live CD’ (software that runs in memory instead of installing on your system). But that's not all! Check out these classic Audio eBooks on CD as well as discounted price for Windows 10 on DVD.

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