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We're a Wyoming, U.S.A. software development team in biz since 1997. We have developed many innovative/ popular PC type software apps that have been offered as Freeware and Shareware.12.17.2013 - we have formed this new service (the 'Code-it Membership') so that you, our customers, are more involved with the software development process as well as offering you exclusive services. 


You might consider it kind of like "Open Source Software" - the membership contributing to the development process (we do the programming) with ideas for improvements or new software ideas: option to have it 're-branded' for what ever you want to do with it (give away for free and/ or sell and keep the registration  fee). 


While it's true that anyone can join the membership - we don't encourage it unless you're going to add value to the 'Membership'! (meaning input of app ideas, marketing ideas, participating in beta testing, spreading the "word'...) Being a member will save you a ton of money - but it's our hope that this factor will not be your only reason for joining up.



Receive access (to the registered version) of ANY or ALL software we've developed - that is offered to the public . This is truly like give'n away the candy store - you'll save TONS of BUCKS!

Receive access to any/ all EXCLUSIVE 'Code-it Membership' apps: CHECK IT OUT ON THE 'EXCLUSIVE SOFTWARE' PAGE. This is the ONLY way of getting these exclusive software apps.


You'll receive 100% FREE access to our, membership only, audio file sharing web site. Share your creativity with the world!

You'll receive license to install the apps on as many personal systems as desired. Use them on your laptop, home PC or personal office system.

You'll get personalized, speedy, support if needed. We'll also go the extra mile and customize any app if we find it practical to do so.

We'll work closely with you to develop any app you might dream up (if we think we have the expertise to develop): we'll give it to you for free (as a benefit of membership) as well as give you a BIG price break to have it 're-branded' so you can distribute (sale, and keep all the profits, or give it away freely).


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