What we do & don't do:

We don't develop cell-phone 'apps' , we don't offer any new fangled 'Metro' apps. But what we do offer is POWERFUL PC legacy type software that is constantly updated with the newest programming technology. We're not interested in developing software to help you find the nearest place to buy a pizza but rather to help you get serious work done on your Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 system. This may sound very "old school" but try to do serious editing of your audio recording on a cell phone!  

So what makes us different then all the rest & how can it benefit you?

Again - these methods and concepts may be "old school" but YOU end up benefiting from them and WE feel good about ourselves! 

And finally - what's the deal with "The Code-it Membership"?

Being a member entitles you to many exclusive benefits. You not only get any/ all our software, offered to the public, for free - as a benefit - but also get all our 'exclusive membership software'. Get special consideration on programming fees of 'sponsorware' or 're-branded' software. This 'membership' concept is for you folks that are serious about using software to promote your brand, financial gain, to get customization of any of our software or to get your brilliant idea developed. Check it out here...

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